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Safety Valve
Pressure Reducing Valve
Pressure Safety Valves
Straight Pattern Globe Oil Safety Valves
POP Safety Valve
POP Relief Valve
High Pressure Packed Safety Valve
Open Discharge Safety Valve
Air Compressor Safety Valve
Air Safety Valve
Thermal Safety Relief Valve - TRV
Angle Type Safety Valve
Angle Type POP Safety Valve
Angle Thermal Relief Valve
Cryogenic Safety Valve
Closed Bonnet Safety Valve
globe Valve
Knife Gate Valve
Butterfly Valve
Ball Valve
Gate Valve
F.S. globe, Gate, Check
Swing Check Valve

Product Safety Valve      Pressure Reducing Valve      globe Valve      Knife Valve      Butterfly Valve      Ball Valve      Gate Valve
  F S Gate, globe, Check Valve
Forged Steel Valves

H.P. Forged Steel Valves are manufactured specifications. Manufacturing Standard.

  1. A.P.I. 602
  2. 5352
  3. As per customer’s requirements.

Ends Connection:    Screwed to ANSI B2-1 or BS 21/IS 554
                        Socket weld ends. Sch.80. ANSI B16. 11/IS 4712
                        Butt-weld to ANSI B 16.25
Testing. APS 598

  • To avoid downtime, buy H.P. Forged Steel Valve to withstand the streets of high temperature and pressures.
  • H.P. Valves with Squire Body/ bonnet design is robust.
  • H.P. valves is fitted with spiral wound gasket which is fully retained by a pilot on the bonnet.
  • H.P. Valves have seats and wedges/plugs hardened to wear and Lear
Forged Steel gate Valves manufacturer
Gate Valve

Forged Steel globe Valve globe Valve

Forged Steel Valve
Check Valve
Gate – globe- Check Valve
Screwed and socket weld ands as per A.P.I. / B.S., Outside Screw and yoke, bottled Bonnet/Cower Size; ¼” to 2.0” Class-800. 1500# & 2500# Valve of Forged Steed (A-150), Forged Allay Steel (F22/F11). Also availabl
Standard arterial Specification
1. Body ASTM A 105/F304/F316/F22
2. Bonnet ASTM A 105/F304/F316/F22
3. Disc AISA 410
4. Seat ring AISI 410
5. Stem AISI 410+Hardened
6. Gland Bush AISI 410
7. Gland Flange ASTMA-105
8. Back Seat Integral
9. Gland Packing SS wire Reinforce Graphited Asbestos
10. Yoke nut En 1A (Carbon Steel)
11. Gasket Spiral wound SS 304 + CAF
12. Jointing Boll ASTMA 193 Gr. B7
13. Eye Boll ASTMA 193 Gr. B7
14. Hand Wheel M.L / CS / CJ
Apprax height in mm
10 85 160 170 90
15 85 160 170 90
20 92 170 180 90
25 104 185 195 90
40 127 260 275 145
50 140 255 280 145
Testing Pressure
Hyd. Test Body  3000 P.S.I
Pressure  Seat 2200 P.S.I
Air Test  
Pressure  Seat  80 P.S.I
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