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Product list
Safety Valve
Pressure Reducing Valve
Pressure Safety Valves
Straight Pattern Globe Oil Safety Valves
POP Safety Valve
POP Relief Valve
High Pressure Packed Safety Valve
Open Discharge Safety Valve
Air Compressor Safety Valve
Air Safety Valve
Thermal Safety Relief Valve - TRV
Angle Type Safety Valve
Angle Type POP Safety Valve
Angle Thermal Relief Valve
Cryogenic Safety Valve
Closed Bonnet Safety Valve
globe Valve
Knife Gate Valve
Butterfly Valve
Ball Valve
Gate Valve
F.S. globe, Gate, Check
Swing Check Valve

Product Safety Valve      Pressure Reducing Valve      globe Valve      Knife Valve      Butterfly Valve      Ball Valve      Gate Valve

Quality has been receiving most attention in all our products considering the high reliability expected from these products.

HP Valve Iso Certified Company Raw Materials
All raw materials and components are 100% checked for...
  • Material conformity with appropriate standard
  • Maching & dimensional accuracy with drawing
  • Surface finishes
  • Surface preparations, painting and coating as required
  • Proper assembly with proper tools
Bought out Items
Bought out items are very important in our products. Proper selection of these instruments with its reliability depends a lot in the output of our final products.
  • Our Engineers select very carefully and by comparing with highly technical parameters, the make and model of bought out
  • Each one is independently tested inhouse with the products
  • Proper documentation, calibration and certification are maintained for all these boughtouts
HP Valve DNB Certified Company Painting & Finishing
A three part painting system is followed...
  • Oil, grease and rust removal by tank dip process with phosphating
  • High quality Polyurethane Primer is applied in two coats
  • Final coat of polyurethane paint is applied in two coats to give longer lasting finish
  • Valves are colour coded for different applications
All Valves are 100% tested for...
  • Pressure test hydraulically
  • Dimensional check
  • Function test on air test bench as well as water test bench
  • Calibration with instruments

We have most modern and well equipped factory, having full fledged infrastructure for manufacturing, design, assembling, testing, calibration, installation and commissioning and have all resources and capabilities to meet with the requirements of our prospective customers and also for after sales services. Our company is certified for the quality approval of...

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